Dennis Logue

I started my visit to Cerrillos at Mary’s Bar because a local insisted I visit her. Mary is the proprietor of “Mary’s Bar” and she told me she is 92 years old ... How unusual to meet a woman that would lie “UP” about her age.

Cerrillos was a mining town. They mined Turquoise, Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper and coal. But as with most southwestern mining towns, the return on investment dwindled and the mines closed.


Cerrillos, New Mexico

April 21, 2009

Another incredible discovery in Cerrillos is Tom Morin .

If you like “Geometric Art” Tom’s work is incredible! AND it’s ALL recycled. You actually have to see it in person to believe it.  Because of his textures, a photograph wouldn’t do his work justice so I didn’t take any pictures.

Thomas E. Morin

8 First Street

Los Cerrillos, NM  87010

If you get to Cerrillos, please visit both Mary and Tom ... Both their doors are open (For seemingly different reasons) but both are the heart of Cerrillos.

My total price for the day: Six Bucks ... Including, visiting the Museum, Feeding the Lamas at the petting Zoo and an A&W Root Beer at Mary’s Bar.”

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Interestingly, Cerrillos was once a serious contender for the New Mexico State Capital.

The pictures you see  on this page would lead you think that this is a “Run Down” town. But it is not “Run Down” because Mary and people like her keep it alive! As far as history is concerned, Cerrillos died after WW II.