Dennis Logue

Here are some pictures from the famous “Narrow Gauge” Durango to Silverton, Steam train. While I took hundreds of pictures, this is one of those things you have to “FEEL” to really understand the experience. Pictures are cool but there is so much more about this train ride!

I recommend the “Presidential Class” ( The last car ) but you’ll need to reserve months in advance ... “First Class” is nearly as good and they add “First Class”  cars as required.

Reserve at:

If you are in an RV or camping, I highly recommend the “United Campgrounds” as the trains / tracks pass through the middle of the camp grounds.  (One of the conductors actually lives there.)

It was way outside my budget but I heard it was one of the great things I needed to do before I die. I was told correctly ... Check one more off the “Bucket List!”


Durango-Silverton Train

May 6. 2009