Dennis Logue

Borrego Desert Sculptures


If you’re driving into Borrego Springs on S3 you might think you are hallucinating as you see a dinosaur off to the side in your peripheral vision. However if you slow down and pull over you will soon see that there ARE dinosaurs but they are actually sculptures.

I was told at the Anza Borrego State Park office that most of the creatures replicated here have actually been found in fossil remains throughout the area. As you search for yourself, you will see that some have other historical or whimsical significance.

The sculptures were commissioned by Dennis Avery for installation around his “Galleta Meadows” properties in the Borrego Springs area. The sculptures have been created by Ricardo Breceda of Perris, CA.

As you will see in the last image, Mr. Avery has graciously opened the land to the public and posted his permission on the placards that mark each of his properties.

What a wonderful gift and artistic fusion with the spring desert in the Borrego area.

Thanks Mr. Avery !

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April 2010

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