Dennis Logue

Madrid was a coal mining town. It has had it’s ups and downs with the end of the coal mining era  coinciding with the end of WW II.  It most recently underwent a revival as an Art and Boutique shopping community.

If some of the town looks familiar, that may be because this is where  the Movie Wild Hogs was filmed. Because I am attracted to Old Deserted Mining Towns, this place looked great on  the map. BUT they restrict the public from “Actually getting to know the town” by designating most of the side streets as “PRIVATE ACCESS.”

Perhaps the best way to get to know Madrid would be to stay at one of the Bed and Breakfasts. That way you could walk around and get to know the folks.


Madrid, New Mexico

April 21, 2009

FYI: The Mining Museum is only open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (As of today’s Posting) but I am told that changes??? [Love to see it some day .. Been here 3 times but it’s never been open.

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