Dennis Logue

Canyonlands National Park is divided into three sections by the Colorado and Green Rivers. The rivers actually converge within the park to form those three sections which are: Needles, Mazes and Island in the Sky.

Of course, as with all my albums, this is only a small sampling of the pictures I made in the park but these pictures were made from three different entry points to the park.

The first entry was at the Needles entrance at the south end of the park. This is the closest you can get to Needles and Mazes without a “Back Country Permit” and due to the limited  fuel supply of my scooter (1 Gallon or 89 miles) I don’t usually get a “Back Country Permit.” I base camped in the little town of Monticello, UT for those pictures.

My second entrance was from the North into the “Island in the Sky” section and there I base camped in Moab, UT.

My last entry point was not from a traditional park entry and I went in from the west bank of the Colorado river ... You can do that from a paved road if you leave Moab and hang a left just before the entrance to Arches National Park ... And drive by the old Uranium Mining Slag Pile the EPA is still cleaning up ... A story in itself.

But way too much dialog ... I’m sure you want to see the pictures more than read. That’s what I like best.

Canyonlands National Park

May 2009