Dennis Logue
I was born on Long Island and got my first Reflex Brownie camera at age twelve. I learned how to develop and contact print the 2 1/4” BW negatives in our basement.

I wouldn’t learn how to work with an enlarger until I was in the Army in Germany in 1968, at the USO recreation center in Frankfurt.  After my return to the states in 1970, I did my first professional work shooting for local real estate companies capturing images of new listings so they could present catalogs to their clients for review.

But from there I was temporarily lured into electronic engineering and had a very successful career. But even during my engineering career, I worked with large format process cameras to reduce circuit board artworks for production and render graphics and halftones for technical publications.

At this point in my career I have closed my physical studio and purchased a motorhome so I can explore the western United States and expand my landscape and fine art portfolio.




What you should know

Sample Photos:

Clockwise: South Laguna, Melting Man at Joshua Tree National Park, IR of Yucca at Joshua Tree and Low pass of a P3 orion after a water drop on a fire in Yorba Linda, California. These and more photos at:


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