Dennis Logue

British Army Invade Seeley, California


Today the British Army committed an air assault on Seeley School in southern-most California. They approached from the west side of the school flying low so as to be undetected. But fear not, once the children poured out of their classrooms and swarmed the lead helicopter, it was all over very quickly and the Brits didn’t have a chance.

Of course this was all part of the British Army’s public relations visit to Seeley and the kids were all thrilled. They were outside in the playground area to watch the landing and then went into the assembly room where they were briefed by the flight crew. After the flight crew was finished with the briefing, they all paraded out single file to have another briefing beside the Lynx Helicopter (Manufactured in England by “Westland Helicopters”). After that briefing, the children were all allowed to enter the aircraft and look around inside.

This crew is not related to Prince Harry’s crew which will be training at El Centro NAF later this fall but it was certainly nice of them to extend this wonderful experience to the Children of Seeley schools.

[ Click here to see Seeley School on “Google Maps” ]


September 28, 2011

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